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Clinical Consultation and Training

Consultation Services

Our clinicians at Anxiety & OCD Treatment Services offer clinical consultation on a one-time or ongoing basis to mental healthcare providers related to anxiety-related disorders and OCD-spectrum conditions. We also provide clinical consultation to physicians, other healthcare professionals, and schools. Other professionals typically seek consultation from our providers to assist with clarifying clinical diagnoses, generating ideas about appropriate treatment targets, and consultation for ongoing treatment planning. If you are interested in our consultation services, please contact Dr. Erin Stevens at for further information.

Trainings and Professional Development

We are passionate about disseminating information about the development, maintenance, and evidence-based treatment of anxiety-related disorders. Our clinicians have presented at regional, national, and international conferences on topics related to anxiety disorders, and have led numerous presentations and trainings related to anxiety disorders, OCD-spectrum conditions, trauma and PTSD, parenting anxious youth, and working with anxious youth in school settings. Trainings and professional development workshops can be tailored to the needs of your organization, whether it's a mental health clinic, hospital, school, not-for-profit organization, or corporation. If you are interested in discussing our training and professional development workshops, please contact Dr. Erin Stevens at for further information and to discuss pricing.

Contact us

Consultation or Professional Development Requests

If you are interested in clinical consultation services or organizing a training for your organization, please contact Dr. Erin Stevens via email at or send a message using the contact form below.

Thank you! We'll be in contact shortly.

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