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Perinatal Anxiety & OCD Treatment

Anxiety & OCD Treatment Services' offers both individual therapy for individuals struggling with perinatal (or postpartum) anxiety and OCD, as well as a group therapy option. We are currently enrolling for our next group starting in November 2023.

What is covered in the perinatal anxiety group?

We offer a 6-week cognitive behavioral therapy treatment group for parents who are struggling with perinatal (or postpartum) anxiety and OCD. Throughout our 6-week group, we cover the following topics:

  • Learning about anxiety during pregnancy and the postpartum period

  • Developing self-care strategies and accessing social support

  • Identifying negative thoughts and worries, and learning ways to cope with them

  • Discussing common avoidance patterns in pregnant and postpartum parents, and focusing on approach (vs avoidance)

  • Discussing common setbacks and making a plan for managing future anxiety symptoms

Perinatal anxiety treatment group now enrolling for November 2023!

Perinatal Anxiety Treatment Group - Nov 2023.png

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